About Us

Mizan Plastic; established in 1975 in order to produce hand torch by the name of Mizan Engineering, today is one of the leading companies in plastic household products sector with wide range of products and high quality standarts.

The source of our motivation is to meet expectations of our customers and supply their satisfaction. Our primary goal is long-term partnership based on mutual trust with our customer

Frankness, honesty and trust are the essentials of an indispensable sales policy.

We are in the race of providing fastest service with our advanced technology and high quality standards.

Our most valuable asset is our trained human sources which is open to change and continuously improves itseslf.

With our company slogan of the future expectations of plastic household ware industry, we have the dynamism of following changes and developments

For more information and to get a closer look at our products, we always wait you to our showroom…